Caribbean Poker

Look around at your table, if you don't know who the cousin is, then you are the cousin.

The game of poker has been around for many years, and has drastically increased in popularity over the last decade. However, traditional poker games and even innovative and exciting new games have come to the forefront. Perhaps one of the most popular yet not often considered poker games is Caribbean poker. Trip in poker is a very easy game to play, which is played on a very special table similar to that on which blackjack is played. Every game, only 10 cards are played, five for each player and five for the dealer. Caribbean Poker Rules are simple, and there is not a change in the winning hands such as in traditional poker. Prior to the dealer declaring that no more bets are accepted, you are expected to place your ante, then the dealer will provide you with five cards, as well as five to himself and the other players at the table. You will then have a look at your cards in the dealer's first car, and you must make a decision whether you want to call or surrender. If you choose to surrender, the dealer will take your ante and if you make a call that, you will lose that as well. Once you place your bet, the showdown then takes place, and if the dealer does not have ace/king or higher, you will be returned your ante along with your bet. Oppositely, is the dealer has Ace/King or better, the only way you can win is if your hand is higher than theirs is Fun88.


Caribbean Poker Odds are mostly down to luck as with most casino games however there are some strategies and odds that have worked for many players, and as most gamblers say its better to play with a strategy than with nothing. Some odds that have been displayed are that you should never fold when you have two pairs or better as you could stand a high chance of winning. It is only worth playing the progressive when the jackpot is high otherwise it may not be worth your while or money. When playing the progressive you may be entitled to win the bet even if the dealer fails to qualify for the game. If you have nothing when there is still a chance of scoring you may as well carry on playing providing that the dealer has nothing also, in which case the bet will be returned to you Fun88.


Each player is dealt five cards after they place in their ante's for the game, then they may view their cards. You must beat the dealer to win any wagers in the game which creates a great amount of excitement and energy in the room, this is the refreshing atmosphere and feeling that most poker players are looking for after playing poker solidly for a few hours. Many players like to study the casino games they play before they play them, this is always recommended as it means you are going to have great knowledge on the game and it will allow you to have the upper hand. It's a much better idea to understand a casino games odds, payout rates and probabilities as this way you won't lose as much money and you could stand to win some big stakes. Instead of playing the game blindly without researching it before hand and losing money, why not become a professional player and learn about the game before you bet any real wagers?

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