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Double or nothing.

If you plan to visit Vegas in the near future and will be bringing children, first find a good hotel. Las Vegas has several hotels that kids will simply love, with much activities and amenities to keep you and them happy. Pick a good hotel so you can make your vacation to Las Vegas a family one. If you do not mind staying off the strip, the Red Rock Resort is a good place for you and your family. It is only about twenty minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the strip. Of course it includes a casino, but it also offers so much for your kids as well. There is a bowling alley, video game arcade, playground that also features a multi-screen movie theater. If that was not enough, at Red Rock you can drop your kids off at the supervised children program called Kids Quest. The Kids Quest program has two-stories which take children from the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years of age. For only $7 an hour your kid will have fun with activities and events, plus they will receive meals and snacks. Everyone has heard of the Circus Circus Hotel Las Vegas and I guarantee you your children will love it. This one is also good for those traveling with older children and teens, as they will have a blast at the theme park Fun88.


Poker nights are sacred nights to your man

This is his night to have fun with the boys. Sometimes it's even healthier for your relationship if you give him one night a week to enjoy himself with his friends. This is like you and your girlfriends going out for lunch or margaritas after work. If you want to make your relationship not only work but last longer, here are some tips that you can do to show that you also want him to be happy o Surprise him with Vegas night party. Sans the strippers of course, you can decorate the basement or living room with a Las Vegas party theme for him and the boys. Drape lights all over the place. Cover the table in green felt cloth. For better effects, you can order online a bag of chocolate coins realistically rendered in chocolate quarters or pennies. These chocolate items are sure to delight your man and his friends. There are websites online who specialize in Vegas themed party where you can purchase poker chips. Chocolate pennies, dollars and other coins in other denominations can add a touch of fun to the party and a sort of reminder to him and his friends that it's just a game.


But if you're looking to get away only for rest and relaxation, than this probably isn't the destination for you. Oh sure, there are plenty of places to unwind - like the gigantic pools and spas offering a full range of amenities. But Vegas is like one big party offering first-class entertainment, gambling, dining, people-watching and so much more Fun88.

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