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Basics on How to Play Cricket

The first thing you need to know about playing cricket is that it is a team sport and the best teams are the ones that work hard and perform as a team Online cricket betting. But don't let this bother you playing cricket it can be fun and you will enjoy it if you look at it the right way Online cricket betting. A cricket team has 12 players this is because there are 11 on the field and the 12th will come on if someone in injured or tired Online cricket betting.
Batting When your team is batting you have two openers these are the first two batsmen to go onto the filed. The batsmen were pads and a box as well as a helmet this is for there their protection they also have a bat this is to hit the ball with and hopefully score some runs Online cricket betting. Runs is what you want to get when you are batting and you do not want to get out however if the umpire (referee) gives you out it is best not to argue with them. To score runs the batsmen have to hit the ball and then run between the wickets if the ball hits the wickets the batsmen closest to them is out if you are playing for a cricket club the coach should tell you more about this Online cricket betting.
Bowling/fielding Online cricket betting.

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This is the opposite to batting were you are trying to stop the batsmen scoring while getting them out after you get one batsmen out an other will replace their place this continues till you get 10 players out this is because you can only have 2 players on the batting at all times the 12th man dose not batt unless some one is injured Online cricket betting. The fielding team have one bowler at a time there are many different types of bowling but we won't go into them now. The bowler will move their bowling arm (this is usually their dormant hand) around in a circle and when the ball in you hand reaches just past your ear you realise. It the ball should bounce near the batsmen's feet. The batsmen will try to hit the ball with their bat they can hit the ball along the ground or in the air the down side of hitting the ball in the air is that fielders on the opposite team can catch the ball and they will be out Online cricket betting.


Some people think that the scoring in a came of cricket is quite difficult but when you get to know the game this becomes 2nd nature. The batting side try to get runs while the fielding side try to get them out but when the bating team are all out or they have reached their batting limit the teams swap positions and the same thing happens again Online cricket betting. When you read cricket scores they will say like Australia are 2 for 220 this means Australia are batting and two of their batsmen are out and they have scored 220 runs. This is the basics on how to play cricket Online cricket betting.

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