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An Introduction to Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is one of the most how to play poker popular card games in the world, it is very easy to learn yet incredibly difficult to master. It was the first game my parents taught me to play and I've now started playing it again with a vengeance as it's taking of online in a big way Rummy Online. The extremely clever scoring system lends itself well to gambling however like Poker it's a game in which you really have to know how to play poker what you are doing if you want to end the session with a smile on your face. One of the things that makes it most addictive is that you can think you are doing fantastically one minute and then with the next deal you come crashing down, I love it! Rummy Online.
Gin Rummy was reportedly invented by Elwood T Baker, a how to play poker whist teacher from Brooklyn in 1909. According to legend the name was suggested by his son. Baker was also a Bridge tutor and later gained some posthumous fame for being the victim in an unexplained murder case. It has been said that the game was invented in the then prestigious Knickerbocker Whist Club in New York. The Game of Rummy had been about for a while, Mr Bakers how to play poker contribution was to prohibit either player from laying out any melds until they are able to go out with the total value of deadwood (unmelded cards) being ten or less Rummy Online. The refining of Rummy's scoring system achieved by baker has helped make the game much more interesting to play for money Rummy Online.


The un-refined game of rummy has had its roots traced back to the mid 19th century Mexican game of Conquian which was a far simpler win or lose game played for a fixed stake. It was not until the 1930's that Gin Rummy really started to become popular this how to play poker being attributed in part to the Depression, when increasingly people had less money to spend on going out and so stayed indoors playing games Rummy Online. Contact Bridge was a lot harder to learn than Rummy and Poker did not fit in with family life so well Rummy Online.
What has been noted as another key factor in the meteoric rise of Gin Rummy was its popularity with the new wave of media stars that was developing of Broadway and Hollywood, and the consequent publicity that game attracted itself. Dale Armstrong reported in his book 'How to Win at Gin and Poker' that on one occasion, in a desperate effort at rescue, the Burbank Lakeside Country Club's House Committee was forced to persuade comedian Oliver how to play poker Hardy to stay out of the card room, where the Gin sharks had been eating him alive for months, to the tune of four figures a week Rummy Online.
So popular was Gin Rummy with the stars that a new variety was born called Hollywood Gin whereby you could play three games simultaneously or even an endless series of them. It has been said that one of the reasons it was so popular with the stars was that it was how to play poker very fast to play but could, if necessary be left off at a moment's notice and easily picked up again as soon as the players were free thus lending itself to those working on set having to how to play poker stand around for long periods waiting for the shoot.


Gin is still a very popular game for young and old alike, in fact its popularity seems to be increasing largely due to the way it plays so well online Rummy Online. It has always been my favorite card game if you've not tried it perhaps now's the time Rummy Online.
Gin Rummy is a two player game with ten cards dealt to each player. The remaining cards are how to play poker placed face down by the mat as the stock. The top card is turned face up on the mat to begin the discard pile. Each player alternately starts their turn by taking either the top card of how to play poker the stock or the visible card from the discard pile Rummy Online.


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